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GSK made available a screen of nearly 2  million compounds in GlaxoSmithKline’s chemical library for inhibitors of P. falciparum, of which 13,533 were confirmed to inhibit parasite growth by at least 80% at 2 µM concentration

We ran a Citizen Science Event over a week in which participants scored randomly delivered compounds by cross-referencing with information from PubChem. Of 13,500 compounds we had submissions for nearly 1000 compounds

In the same spirit in which the spread sheet was made available to us, we promised to the participants to make the results available here.

The columns of the spreadsheet are:

Name        Compound Code        Number of active assays for the compound        Total number of assays for the compound        Suitability as a drug lead (Score 0-5)         Any comments you would like to make?

The Score is calculated on the following criteria:

Criteria - Pass Rule of 3

               Pass Rule of 5

               Is marked as Medicinal Chemistry Friendly

               IC50  in GSK assay < 1 micoM

               Compound is active in less than 20 % of assays

The whole experience was very interesting and highly enjoyable.  The results were completely reliable as far as we have been able to test. Participants were highly engaged and asked some intelligent and penetrating questions. One known anti-malarial was found as well as several others that scored just as highly.

We thank Francisca Mutapi, Institute of Immunity and Infection Research, School of Biological Sciences, who gave an overview to participants about the economic and social impact of malaria and talked about her experience in the field in Zimbabwe.  We also thank Wesley Kerr, who did all of the coding necessary for the project to work.


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