Centre for Translational Chemical Biology - CTCB



The Centre for Translational and Chemical Biology (CTCB) provides facilities and expertise to promote interdisciplinary research across biology, chemistry and medicine.

The CTCB is a network of over 60 independent research labs with centralised protein production and characterisation facilities through the Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF). There is also expertise in Structural Biology, Virtual Screening and Structure Based Design.

It facilitates:

Protein production and characterisation.

Virtual screening for drug leads.

Commercial opportunities.

Practical training.


Prof. Malcolm Walkinshaw
Rm. Swann 3.21
Tel (+44) 0131 6507056
Fax (+44) 0131 6507055
email: malcolm.walkinshaw@ed.ac.uk

Prof. Paul Barlow
Rm. Swann 3.21
Tel (+44) 0131 6504727
Fax (+44) 0131 6507155
email: Paul.Barlow@ed.ac.uk

Facilities Manager:
Dr. Martin Wear
Rm. Swann 3.20
Tel (+44) 0131 6507054
Fax (+44) 0131 6507055
email: martin.wear@ed.ac.uk


Protein Production
Biophysical Characterisation
In Silico Screening


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Access Charges/Costs:

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University of Edinburgh,

Michael Swann Building, L3

King’s Buildings,

Mayfield Rd.,

EH9 3JR,



Centre for Translational and Chemical Biology - CTCB

Upcoming Events


AKTA LC Training: 2 pm - 4 pm, in Swann 3.14

15th February, 2016

21st March, 2016

18th April, 2016

23rd May, 2016

27th June, 2016

25th July, 2016

“Introduction to AKTA LC equipment”

Dr. Matt Nowicki. 

The training sessions will provide an introduction to the instrumentation, software and applications used in the operation of the AKTA LC systems in the EPPF labs.

Any researcher who is interested in learning how to use the LC systems and associated purification resources in the EPPF should consider attending. Researchers with no, or limited, previous knowledge of this technique are particularly encouraged to attend; more experienced users should contact EPPF staff to arrange a more bespoke training or to discuss particular needs/requirements. are also welcome.

There are 4 places available for each of the hands-on training session. There is £65 retainer fee required per person to attend this course. However, your first booking on the EPPF LC systems will waived and is covered by this charge.

If you are interested, please contact matthew.nowicki@ed.ac.uk.